HI! I’m excited about a lot of things this week and more than grateful. Why? First I’m excited and grateful: To be writing again about things I care about, which I think (hope?) you’ll care about, too! To power down a bit this week and travel (wish me luck), and feel so fortunate…
Oh What A Night, Week, or Maybe Month?
And why quitting might just be the thing to do
That is Wade Moore, the Founder and Dean of Urban Prep Academy in Wichita, Kansas, whose excitement and gratitude for winning one of the 32 Yass Prize…
And the worst of union behavior
Thank you, Bob Dylan. And it's no longer just parents who are changing their tune on the importance of having the power to choose their child’s…
The Fight for Innovation Continues
This week Forza demands a strong admonition of the start of the Columbus teacher strike, scrutiny of a union boss’s latest PR tour, better thinking…
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