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Forza is the way most Italians refer to someone or something that is strong, intense, represents endurance, is infused with momentum. When searching for a way to categorize a replacement to the newsletter I edited for almost 28 years at CER, I wanted to convey in a word the action or impetus that is most needed in our world today when it comes to education.

Whether you are a parent or a pundit, a casual or a professional observer, it should be apparent that that “soft” field known as education is in dire need of just the opposite if we are to produce life-building, transformative results for students or the adults they have become.

A product of Italian-Americans and Italian immigrants, I never knew anything that wasn’t done without forza. The decades have flown since I started working to improve education, and it always seems the biggest gap we have in getting from here, to there, is intensity, endurance, momentum. Hence, The Forza Report, or Forza, for short.

This communication, supported by CER, is an opportunity to engage in what needs to happen if we’re ever going to move the mountains that prevent US education from being excellent for all, and which prevent the future from reaching our kids. The new format (July, 2022) was inspired by my two favorite Substack “hosts,” Michael Horn and Isabelle Hau.

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